Photography Canvas Prints

A camera is to a photographer what a brush is to a painter. By capturing an image and reimagining it, you are creating art out of a moment.  This image is a work of art in so many ways.


Often the image is seen in the mind of the photographer before the camera is even in their hand.  Sometimes the image is captured by being in the right place at the right time.  Each requires preparation and the photographer to have their camera in hand.

Capturing the Moment

When a photographer looks through the lens they are painting an image.  They need to see the subject, the background, and the foreground.  It is all of these things that make a good image what what separates someone with a camera and a photographer.

Creating Something New

Photography and Editing go hand in hand and some believe modern photography requires skilled editing skills.  This is partially true, however some are amazing enough to produce clean perfectly lit subjects without flaws, for the rest of us there is editing software.  Becoming skilled with processing images in a phot editor has replaced the days of the darkrooms and now modern photographers rely on a Lightroom.

Displaying Your Work

As a photographer there is multiple mediums to display your work on, the most common being digital but the most profitable can be canvas, metal, or wood. Knowing your photographs and your market helps you understand what media to choose.  The choice ultimately is yours and customers may not know what they like till they see it. So stay true to what feels right to you.